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notifICE is your backup parachute, the spare tube to your mountain bike, the beacon  in your backcountry kit. We believe that safety shouldn’t hold a person back from adventure, quite the opposite, it should compel you to live life to the fullest.  notifICE is an app that automatically alerts your ICE (In Case of Emergency)  contacts when you dial 9-1-1 and sends them your location via Google maps. It then displays pertinent medical/personal information for first responders and good samaritans. Get the app, let your family know where you are going, and capture epic lives.

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The TeamWho we are and what we care about

Peter Franz
Peter FranzCEO
Always pushing the limits, Peter loves perfect single track for his mountain bike, scaling frozen waterfalls and climbing granite – sometimes even without his young children in tow. He has traveled to Nepal and trekked with Sherpas, dirt-bagged around Central America, and caught fish out of the Panama Canal. He’s been skydiving and climbing in the Sierras of California, looking for a natural adrenaline-high. His next big adventure – family road trip in a school bus turned RV.
Karyn Franz
Karyn FranzBoss Lady
Not sure if it’s because Karyn grew up scuba diving, cliff jumping, and traipsing through the jungles of Southeast Asia, or just due to her genetic makeup, she has a continuous need for adventure (hence she married the man she did). She loves her mountain bike, canyoneering and crazy adventures that can end in a hundred different ways. she adores traveling, but her most current adventure involves her two young babies and allowing them to experience life as an adventure. .
Mark Bubac
Mark BubacDir. Business Development
Mark is a gentleman whose simply obsessed with being outside; specifically waist deep in a river tossing fly’s. Rapid City is home, but he frequents the Rockies and Big Horns to play. His recent adventures include riding in the Dakota Five-O Mountain Bike race and fly fishing for Yellowstone Cutthroats outside Cody, Wyoming. His epic bucket list includes heli-skiing the Revelstoke Mountains of British Columbia, Fly fishing in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, and Climbing Mt. Rainier.
Ross Hoyer
Ross HoyerLead Programmer
Ross is an adrenaline junky at heart. Growing up on an island, playing in the ocean, and exploring different cultures and countries groomed him into the traveler-adventure-seeker he is today. Be it sky diving, rock climbing, skiing the mountains of the California/Nevada border, hiking all around picturesque New Zealand, riding elephants in Thailand, or just mountain biking in my own back yard, he finds bliss. He is down to try almost anything once… and probably twice if it scares him enough.
Tracy Mailloux
Tracy MaillouxCreative Director
When Tracy isn’t wrestling alligators (true story) he loves new adventures and opportunities. He has hiked Machu Picchu in Peru, gone caving in Costa Rica, scuba diving with Manta Rays at night in Hawaii, and has logged 1,000s of miles white water rafting in North and South America. When he isn’t trekking around he is an accomplished film and video freelancer. He has worked with companies such as The Travel Channel, National Geographic, The Food Network, and CNN to name a few. In addition, he also owns and operates a successful film and video rental business. Tracy is currently saving up for his next big adventure; an African Safari. In the future, Tracy would like to travel the World to see and experience as much as he can in this lifetime.

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